Jack Miles

            Welcome to the quiet. Most of the time, my wife and I are the only two people here. I read and write. Catherine reads and tends the orchard. The world roars by, but now that I am retired (as of 7/16), we engage it at a certain distance—or we try to, despite the current danger.

            What you will find collected on this website are writings of mine on religion, literature, culture, and politics that have accrued over fifty years, along with an eclectic assortment of reviews and interviews. In the years ahead—time, strength, cash, and patience availing—I intend to write a book on God in the Qur’an; a book on the ancient Greek translation of the Jewish Bible as the greatest translation ever written; a book on the Jewish writers who dared to imagine God himself as a village Jew; and a book of more personal reflections on the religious literatures of the world, to be entitled The Library of the Gods. These are labors of love, undertaken in quiet.

            Yet the world does have a way of walking in on us. These days, when I leave the peace of my retreat, it is most often to speak about one of two pressing global issues:

            First, religion, the dream of peace, and the nightmare of jihadi terror against all, but most cruelly against innocent Muslims themselves -- for example, recently published by the German Marshall Fund, 

            Second, the crisis of climate change and the promise of religion as just possibly an ally that may be rallied to help meet it--for example, my three-part contribution [click to watch parts 1, 2, and 3to "Bending the Curve," a new video course to be offered on all campuses of the University of California. 

            So, yes, it’s quiet here, but within the quiet a lot is happening, and I hope to have more to report as work progresses. Stay as long as you like. No one will disturb you. And come back soon.