God in the Qur'an

God in the Qur'an book cover, by Jack Miles

"I hope [that by reading this book] you may find it a little easier to trust the Muslim next door, thinking of him as someone whose religion, after all, may not be so wildly unreasonable that someone holding to it could not be a trusted friend." 
~ Jack Miles


One who has lived many years in a city, as soon as he goes to sleep,
Beholds another city full of good and evil, and his own city vanishes from his mind.
He does not say to himself, "This is a new city: I am a stranger here."
Nay, he thinks he has always lived in this city and was born and bred in it.
~ Rumi 
November 13, 2018. Knopf, 272 pages.

Miles will be appearing to discuss God in the Qur'an on Tuesday, November 27, at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Mass, and Wednesday, December 12, at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

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