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On Religion

  • Mimetic Theory and the Anxiety of Scriptural Influence in the New Testament and in the Qur’an - Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the New England/Eastern Canada Regional Society of Biblical Literature at Tufts University, March 22, 2019
  • The Silence of Diplomacy about Religion - From Atlantic Currents 2016, the German Marshall Fund's annual report on wider Atlantic perspectives and patterns, published in December 2016.
  • Waiting for the Preacher - Obama’s America in World Religious Context. Remarks before the U.S Studies Centre, University of Sydney, September 2010.
  • An Unholy Alliance Against the Filibuster - The pope in American politics. An article derived from this one appeared in the April 27, 2005 Op Ed section of The Los Angeles Times.
  • Ringing the Firebell for Freedom of Religion - Keynote Address: "March of the Theocrats" Rally and Teach-In. Westwood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles, June 5, 2005.
  • A Portrait of the Pope as a Dying Man - The Last Days of the Parkinson’s Pope. An earlier version of this article appeared in The Los Angeles Times on April 1, 2005.
  • The Leisure of Worship and the Worship of Leisure - For the Conference "Faith, Fear & Indifference: Constructing Religious Identity in the Next Generation." A paper delivered on October 10-11, 2004 at the Davidson Conference Center, University of Southern California.
  • Interview with The Sacred Site - On the American Catholic Church. Interview formerly on the Australian Broadcast Corporation site, with Stephen Crittenden, 2001.
  • On Catholicism - Why I am not a Catholic (anymore). Written for Commonweal while Miles was book editor of The Los Angeles Times.
  • Faith, fanaticism and the environment - Faith may be indispensable in facing the ecological crisis. Unpublished work by Jack Miles. Written September 15, 1975.
  • The Wife of Onan and the Sons of Cain - To Abort or not to Abort. Written for National Review, August 17, 1973.
  • Letters to and From Michael Novak - On Catholic liberals From Commonweal, letters to the editor, April 27, 1973.