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Welcome - A personal note from Jack Miles to the site visitor, describing his life after retiring in 2016, what he does speak in public about, and what books he is working on for the foreseeable future. ^go to top of page^
About - A more detailed biography of Jack Miles, detailing the books he's written and periodicals he's written for, his educational and vocational background, and awards he's won. ^go to top of page^
The Latest - This page contains recent articles and other posts by Jack Miles.
Books - Award-winning books on religion, literature, politics and life. ^go to top of page^
God in the Qur'an - Jack Miles completes his trilogy of looking at the character of God in sacred scriptures.
The Norton Anthology of World Religions - a 4,000 page look at the major texts in history for the six major world religions. Jack Miles is the general editor. ^go to top of page^
Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God - A literary analysis of the character of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. A New York Times Notable Book for 2002. A continuation of sorts from Jack's God: A Biography.
God: A Biography - Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1996, a literary look at the character of God in the Hebrew Scriptures and his arc through the Jewish order of the Tanakh.
Other Books - Jack has worked on many other books, in full and in part.
On Catholicism ^go to top of page^
Ringing the Firebell for Freedom of Religion
The Leisure of Worship and the Worship of Leisure
The Wife of Onan and the Sons of Cain
Waiting for the Preacher
On Terrorism, War and Public Policy ^go to top of page^
9/11 Homily
A Heavy Reckoning for the King
An Interview with the Lord God
George W. Bush: Bad for the Jews
How Many Iraqis Have We Killed?
How to Doom a Police Tax
Mr. Hanabusa Has a Point
My Top Ten Fears
On the Uses of Metaphor
Religion and American Foreign Policy
The End of the Middle East Peace Process?
The Wisdom of Delay: Iraq and the Next 9/11
What We Owe the Iraqi Dead
On The Bible ^go to top of page^
Apologia Pro Biblioteca Sua
History Against Literature
How God Led
Interview with Jack Miles in the Boston Globe
Israel as Foundling
Jesus Before He Could Talk
Laughing at the Bible
Oh, Grave Where is Thy Victory?
Radical Editing
The Debut of the Bible as a Pagan Classic
The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
Poetry and Fiction ^go to top of page^
October 15, 1966
Over the Body of a Dead Actress
The Nihilist and the Inventor
To Annette in December
Reviews ^go to top of page^
Asking the Bible for More
Casting Genesis
Comments on Walter Wink
Introduction to a Discussion of El Nino
Mel Gibson's Passion
Our Lady of the Freeways
The Book of B: Bloom, Bathsheba and the Book
The Ghost of a Christmas Past
The Good Booklets
The Limits of Power
Was Jesus American?
Other Works, external Articles, essays, interviews and speeches linked to elsewhere on the internet on various sub-topics indented below. ^go to top of page^
Articles on Art and the Arts
Articles on Politics and Policy
Articles on Religion
Articles on the Bible
Honorable Mention
Interviews with Jack Miles - scores of interviews from Miles' decades of work.
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