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This page contains recent articles and other posts by Jack Miles.

  • Miles' forthcoming book God in the Qur'an will be published by Knopf November 13, 2018. You may pre-order it here.
  • Miles was recently named the 2018-2019 Corcoran Visiting Chair in Christian-Jewish Relations at Boston College. You may read the announcement here [PDF].
  • Inventing the Pogrom: Miles reviews Steven J. Zipperstein's book of the same name for the LA Times Review of Books, published on April 9, 2018.
  • A once unimaginable scenario: No more newspapers - Miles and Douglas McLennan write an Op Ed, pulbished March 21, 2018 in The World Post, a partnership between the Berggruen Institute's and The Washington Post, about the decline of newspapers and the dangers of a world without them.
  • A Failed Apostle - A review of Emmanuel Carrère's The Kingdom, from Commonweal, March 12, 2018.
  • Miles made a video (in three parts) to address the crisis of climate change, and the promise of religion as a possible ally to help address it [click to watch parts 12, and 3] for to "Bending the Curve," a new video course to be offered on all campuses of the University of California.
  • Augustine's Confessions: A New Translation - Jack Miles wrote the Foreword to Peter Constantine's masterful and elegant rendering of the first-ever autobiography, which was published January 23, 2018. Visit the Forewords page to order it.
  • California Burning - Miles reflects on the apocalyptic recent fires in Los Angeles and the future threat of continued climate change, drought, deforestation and dry conditions; published in Commonweal, January 2, 2018.
  • For the love of Earth, stop traveling - Jack Miles makes the case to stop or cut back on air travel for the most significant impact on your carbon footprint. Published in The Washington Post, November 2, 2017. Miles was a contributor to the University of California’s 2015 “Bending the Curve” report on climate stability [PDF].
  • Jack Miles recent postsJack Miles and Stephen Greenblatt spoke about Greenblatt's new book The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve: From Fiction to Faith at the Los Angeles Public Library's ALOUD program on October 5, 2017. Listen to the podcast here. They viewed six images from this presentation of 33 artworks of Adam and Eve Greenblatt collected. Open the presentation side-by-side with the podcast for a more enriching experience: 
    • First, no. 1 in the presentation, the cover of Greenblatt's book
    • Second, a New Yorker cartoon, online here
    • Third, no. 18 in the presentation
    • Fourth, no. 9 in the presentation
    • Fifth, no. 6 in the presentation
    • Sixth, no. 20 in the presentation
  • The individual paperback "splits" of the six world religions from the Norton Anthology of World Religions are available in less expensive editions. You may order them from a variety of stores on the Norton Anthology of World Religions page of this site. Jack Miles is the General Editor of the NAWR.
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