Praise for God in the Qur'an

"A valuable and insightful perspective on Islam and the Qur’an." — John Jaeger, LIBRARY JOURNAL

"An illuminating critique. A portrait of Allah that convincingly establishes why, every time he is invoked in the Qur’an (as well as in speech by Muslims), he is called the most merciful, the lord of mercy, and similar epithets." — Ray Olson, BOOKLIST

"The feeling that settled over me as I finished Miles’s 2001 book, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God, was nothing short of awe. Now, the Pulitzer Prize-winning religion scholar is back with a study of Allah. For many Americans who know little about the Muslim faith, reading [God in the Qur'an] could be a crucial step out of ignorance at a time of rising Islamophobia." — Ron Charles, Book World