On The Bible

Israel as Foundling - Orphanhood, Adoption, and the Fatherhood of God. A paper delivered October 18, 2004 at the Simmons Family Charitable Foundation 15th Annual Program in Biblical Archaeology, The University of Judaism.

Oh, Grave Where is Thy Victory? - Mark Taylor and the Art of Death. A paper written for delivery November 9, 2002 at a symposium titled "Grave Matters: Memory, Memorial, Mourning" at the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA. Not actually delivered because of illness.

How God Led - Reflections on Leadership and Community in Ancient Israel. A paper delivered October 29, 2002 in a lecture series titled Leadership and Community, the Joy and Jerry Monkarsh Family Forum, under the auspices of the Center for Jewish Studies at UCLA. The Modes of Biblical Leadership was the subject. 18 pages.

Apologia Pro Biblioteca Sua - In Defense of His Library. A talk given in October 13, 1998, Braun Room, Andover Hall, Harvard Divinity School. Published in the 1998 Harvard Divinity Bulletin.

History Against Literature - Situating God: A Biography among other books. A talk given at Samuelson Chapel, California Lutheran University, March 10, 1997.

Jesus Before He Could Talk - The Christmas Story. From New York Times Magazine, December 24, 1995.

Radical Editing - Redaktionsgeschichte and the Aesthetic of Willed Confusion. A chapter in The Creation of Sacred Literature, edited by Richard Elliott Friedman, published in 1981.

Interview with Jack Miles in the Boston Globe - Looking at the Lord as a literary character. On God: A Biography with Mark Feeney in the Focus section, April 16, 1995.

The Debut of the Bible as a Pagan Classic - The inception of God: A Biography in print.. Written for The Council on the Study of Religion Bulletin in June 1976, Miles discusses the potential for a literary approach to the Bible, a new way to view the Bible: as a classic work of literary art.

Laughing at the Bible - Jonah as Parody. Written for The Jewish Quarterly Review, in Fall 1974.

The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs - Finding some of the earliest extant Christian writings in some of the last examples of Old Testament pseudepigraphy. Unpublished work by Jack Miles, written March 26, 1969.