Praise for The Norton Anthology of World Religions

“…a major landmark of religious publishing and one to be widely welcomed.”

--William Dalrymple, The New York Times

“To teachers and students, believers and skeptics alike, it offers texts that illuminate, challenge, and provoke. It gathers the voices—small and still, clamorous, harmonious, cacophonous—and asks its readers to listen.”

--Molly Farneth, Commonweal

“…a documentary history of six major faiths with sufficient editorial explanation to make their major texts intelligible across barriers of time and space. … This book will unsettle some current certainties about the nature of faith and, in so doing, may help its readers arrive at a nuanced and accurate perception of our predicament in this dangerously polarized world.”

--Karen Armstrong, The New York Times

“...this is a most valuable resource. For those of us who still teach some variation of World Religions, it would be possible to replace the standard Religions of the World textbook with The Norton Anthology of World Religions with good results.”

--Jacob N. Kinnard, Journal of the American Academy of Religion

The Norton Anthology of World Religions book cover